The music industry in the UK is one of the very best in the world as the country has a rich and also varied musical culture. The UK is home to most if not all of the music genres that you can think of. Think of any kind of music that you want to listen and you are bound to find one or more great musicians from the UK who create that exact kind of music. Inspired by the most listened to music genres of this day, here are some famous musicians from the UK who you should consider listening to.

British Popular Music

British popular music or just British pop music is one of the most listened to music genres in the world. The music is distinct from all other genres and it’s quite popular with teenagers and young adults. The power and influence of British popular music can be demonstrated by the fact that it transcended beyond borders and is now part of the most popular music genres in other countries especially former territories of British control such as the US, Canada, and Australia. The Beatles are credited with popularizing British popular music from the 1960s onwards and some of the most famous British popular musicians today are Mumford & Sons, Adele, One Direction, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.

Jazz music

Jazz music did not originate in the UK but thanks to visitors from the US after the First World War, they brought with them a new music genre which the British had not heard before. Since that time, jazz has become one of UK’s most popular music genres and over the years, great UK jazz musicians have emerged. Some of the most famous jazz musicians in the UK include Jamie Cullum, Courtney Pine, Gary Crosby, and Soweto Kinch.