Times have changed, and with them so has music. Music tends to have taken on a more electronic sound. While the use of drums and the like are still part of music, they are electronic versions that aren’t really played on the instruments as the older generations know them. Music is still music. It impacts the lives of those who listen to it.

Synthesises and Sounds

Electronic music is created with computer generated sounds and the use of synthesisers. Drums are no longer drums as the older crowd will remember them. They are smaller, more compact pieces of equipment that incorporate pads that produce sounds when struck. This electronic drum kit is plugged into a computer. Sounds are recorded and saved to be edited and incorporated to create a song at the end of the process. Keyboards are extremely popular in this type of music. They too have a range of sounds pre-installed that add to the effects of the synthesised sounds. Voice and Lyrics are added through microphones plugged into the computer. These too can be edited to sound surreal and electronic.

Software Creates Digital Magic

Electronic music is the sound of the present and the future. Recording music in today’s industry requires everything to be stored on a computer. Specially designed software is installed on the computer which allows you to take the separate sounds and create something that is mind-blowing. Music editing software comes in a huge variety and it will depend on your skill level as to what you settle on. Most software packages incorporate all the basic features that will allow you to successfully bang out a tune.

Whether music is pure and clean, or digitally enhanced and synthesised, it is still music. The tools used to achieve the end results are the musical instruments. Whether they are old school instruments or synthesisers, it makes no difference.