The generation group you belong to will indicate what you consider to be good music. As times have changed, and technology has advanced, the sound of music released has taken a complete turn. Old school rock bands and musicians make use of instruments like guitar, drums and a bass to create sounds that accompany lyrics that have meaning.

Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Guitars are an integral part of music. While acoustic guitars produce a more pure and heartfelt sound, the electric version don’t fall short in any way. The electric versions provide a louder, bolder sound that can be adjusted by using a variety of pedals and gadgets. The sound, in essence, is still pure and real.

The Bass

Without the use of a bass guitar, melodies may seem hollow and lifeless. The bass guitar provides a deeper sound than an electric guitar. A tremendous amount of skill is required to play the instrument. There are times where the bass simply has to follow the lead guitar which is a game of playing it by ear.

The Drums

Drums provide the beat to which the song will be played. A set of drums incorporates a variety of sounds, including cymbals and a high hat. The bass drum is operated using a foot pedal and gives songs that booming, solid sound. Playing the drums is a strenuous activity with your arms taking a beating as they move from drum to drum and back again to create a tune that enhances the songs.

Instruments, regardless of the make or model, can be costly. Prices range from reasonably affordable to ridiculous. For beginners it is silly to buy a top of the range piece of equipment. You may decide its not for you and you would have wasted your money. Resale value on used instruments is not good and you definitely won’t make what you spent back.